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    Ölümsüz ağacın hikayesine sen de ortak ol!

    The trees that are taken care of with more then 100 years of experience of the Akarca Familyorganik zeytin ağaçlarının bir sezonluk ürününe sahip olun.



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How It Works

Online Shopping

You can start browsing Akarca Farm high quality organic olives and extra virgin olive oils as well as other products form Online Shopping page. You may find here olive oil bottles, corks, homemade Akarca Farm organic jams and other similar products.

Renting an Olive Tree

You can rent an olive tree for one year and enjoy and have its harvest provided you with the 150 years of expertise and knowledge of Akarca Family.
Click "Start Now", "Rent a Tree" on the Main Page or "Tree" button on the top menu to start.
Choose the manner of the harvest of your tree as extra virgin organic olive oil, organic olives or both. Here also you can opt to have early harvest extra virgin olive oil instead of mature harvest.
You can pick the complimentary bottle to be sent with your harvest. Here you can also choose to add more and/or different types of bottles and corks.
An olive tree will be automatically assigned to you by the system which you can locate on the map. The photo(s) of the tree(s) is a real photo and that tree will bear your name for the duration of a year. If you would like to rent more trees to form your own olive tree grove please contact us with the contact form you may find on the website or from info@akarcaciftligi.com.
You can observe the stage of the tree at to its way towards the harvest on this page. The stage the tree is currently at shown by an appropriate image. By clicking on "Next" you'll arrive on the bottle label custom design page.

Custom Label Design

You may choose to design your custom label on this step or skip and design later on in Your Account page under My Orders tab. From this point you'll be required to enter your delivery address and method of payment. 
You may enter the any text you wish to be printed in the area shown by the arrow.
After pressing save button you custom design label will be stored in our system and can be edited later in your account page. Akarca Farm has the right to deny any text that may be considered as racist, insulting or offensive.