Akarca Farm Organic Cold Pressed Early Harvest EVOO - 350 mg+ High Polyphenol

Organic Cold Pressed High Quality & High Polyphenol EVOO

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Akarca Farm organic cold-extraction early harvest extra virgin olive oil is produced using solely "Memecik" varietal olives from the Akarca Farm. This varietal is known for its intense olive taste and rich aromas and provides a comparatively higher anti-oxidant level in comparison to most other varietals in the World, which is a local varietal that can be found in the Milas Region of Turkey.  

Akarca Farm & Akarca Farm Production Facilities both have NOP (USDA Organic), EOS (EU Organic) & Turkey Organic Certificates.


The organically certified olives are hand-picked where possible or mechanical shaker rakes are used. The harvested olives are then transported to our olive mill in plastic crates and extracted within 12 hours of the daily harvest.

The extraction is done using the latest technology machinery and cold extraction. No water is added to the olive paste during the malaxation process as well. The temperature values during the cold extraction are also closely monitored to be able to get the olive oil with the maximum flavor/sensory attributes as well as polyphenols.

The monitoring of the temperature starts when the olives are brought to the olive mill just before the extraction process starts. The temperature of the olives is also very important as this would affect the temperature of the olive paste as well. Temperature is so important because polyphenols (Anti-oxidants) & flavonoids are quite susceptible to heat. For this reason, 30 degrees Celcius is the upper safety limit. On the other hand temperatures lower than 22 degrees Celcius are also not desired as the enzymes that will enable the polyphenols and flavonoids won’t activate.

Therefore we aim to operate between 22 ⁰C - 27⁰C. We closely monitor the olive, and olive pastes temperatures as well as the temperature of olive oil that is leaving the decanter from the digital panels to ensure the quality.

The malaxation process is aimed to take between 20-25 minutes maximum.

The 2021/2022 season harvest enabled us to produce olive oil with high polyphenol content (250 – 600 mg/kg). Akarca Farm Organic Cold Extraction Early Harvest Olive Oil is attributed as a functional health food according to the European Union Standards with 350 mg/kg and above polyphenol content. The harvest ratio for  High Polyphenol Early Harvest Olive Oil is 5 – 8 kg of olives for 1 kg of olive oil.

The mark of the polyphenols in olive oil is bitterness and pungency characteristics. These two characteristics are more apparent in a cold extraction of early harvest olive oil.

Bitterness can be said to be a measure of the intensity of the polyphenols in olive oil.

Pungency can be a very tricky attribute to pinpoint for a beginner taster. At the back of the tongue, where it attaches itself to the mouth, there is a spot less than 1 cm in diameter at the base. Its purpose is to act as a last reflex in a situation in which a person inhales a potentially harmful gas. This area when activated creates a cough reflex to expel potentially harmful air so that it does not reach to lungs. The ibuprofen kind of anti-inflammatory substance in the olive oil (oleocanthal), another anti-oxidant, activates this part of the body and creates a sensation of tickling or a cough reflex.

In conclusion, a distinct, high, and intense bitterness and pungency are clear indicators of high polyphenol content in olive oil.

 The 2021/2022 season harvest has a good balance of fruitiness, pungency, and bitterness characteristics. Newly cut grass, garden rocket, green plum, green apple, black pepper, and almond are some of the aromas that can be found in it.

Olive Oil & Health Benefits

European Food Safety Association officially accepted and stated that any olive oil that contains 250 mg/kg or more phenolic compounds can be considered as functional health food and can be marketed as thus. (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012)

There are numerous types of phenolic compounds in olive oil and lab analysis, these can be shown as the count of the total hydroxytyrosol or tyrosol content.

Although there are many different phenolic compounds in olive oil as stated above, these can be roughly put into three categories(families);

  • Phenolic acids (Hydroxytyrosol & Tyrosol, Oleacanthal & Oleacein)
  • Secoiroids ( Oleuropein)
  • Tocoferols

These phenolic compounds are the cornerstones of the health miracle of olive oil.

The primary function is to act as a sweeper (of radical compounds) aka acting as anti-oxidants and provide majör resistance against the oxidative effects in the body. There is a wide spectrum of effects for the body from restorative properties from UV damage to lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure and lowering the risk of a heart attack.

The polyphenols in olive oil have the capacity/ability to prevent low-intensity lipoprotein oxidation. It is believed that LDL oxidation is one of the direct or indirect causes of Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Renovascular Syndrome (Hypertension), Acute Infection, Uremia, Preeclampsia, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS), Metabolic Syndrome (MS), Myocardial Infarction (MI), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). (Turkiye Klinikleri J Med Sci. 2005;25(1):73-84)

Olive Oil also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also suspected that olive oil increases the aging tolerance and thus provides increased resistance against illnesses caused by old age. (Cell Cycle. 2013 Feb 15; 12(4): 555–578. DOI: 10.4161/cc.23756).

It is believed that it reduces the risk of developing cancer types that results from hormonal reasons. One other study shows promising signs that olive oil has protective properties against Alzheimer's Disease.

It is recorded that, the polyphenols in the olive can pass through the blood-brain barrier and acts as a protective measure for brain functions by acting as a sweeper against oxidative stress that occurs at the neuron level. It is also recorded that these sweeping abilities help improve cognitive abilities by helping patients to regain the ability to learn and memory retention.

Olive oil has also anti-diabetes abilities by helping to regulate insulin resistance and insulin signaling. It is beneficial against non-alcohol-related fat accumulation in the liver as well. (https://www.mdpi.com/468424)

Only the highest quality dark Italian glass bottles are used in bottling. The daylight has a detrimental effect on the quality of the olive oil as it interacts with anti-oxidants in the olive oil. For this reason, the olive oil needs to be in a dark-colored container or if a clear glass bottle needs to be used, in a secondary packaging where light cannot penetrate.

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